Italian Valentine’s

Just a quick brief about who is Saint Valentine. Who was him and why do we associate him to "love"? The day is named after a Catholic priest named Valentine, who lived in Rome in the 3rd Century when the emperor was Claudius II who was a pagan. In that time many people were turning… Continue reading Italian Valentine’s


How do Italians celebrate Christmas Holidays?

Each country has it's own special traditions for this holidays and in Italy we also have particular things we do by this time of the year. So how do we Italians celebrate this season? IMMACULATE CONCEPTION First of all as we mention on the last blog, Christmas decorations start on December 8th (though too many… Continue reading How do Italians celebrate Christmas Holidays?

Christmas Markets in Florence

Italian Christmas is such a thing. Even if decorations are supposed to be done until December 8th, we don't care cause we LOVE Christmas. It's one of the best seasons in the year on every country and of course Italy has it's very own traditions. But about that we'll talk on another post. Right now… Continue reading Christmas Markets in Florence


The Florence Market Scene

One of the best things about living in such a small and walkable city, in the ease of running into all kinds of open markets.  Who doesn’t love markets?   There is something about outdoor tents and locals peddaling their wares that epitomizes this Italian life, and I guess it's only fair to share some… Continue reading The Florence Market Scene


September Events

It seems that summer has come to a close before it even really began.  Aside from a few hot days that promised sultry skies and dripping humidity, it seems like autumn has been upon us for months.  The true perks of the season, however, are just coming into their own and bringing excitement for the… Continue reading September Events


10 reasons why you should study in Italy

Studying abroad is an experience beyond measure.  A new country, a culture and new opportunities around every corner; the possibilities are endless.  Moving to Italy in general and Florence in particular can change a person so deeply that they have no choice but to return again and again, or put down some roots and stick… Continue reading 10 reasons why you should study in Italy


Palio of Siena July 2nd and August 16

The Palio of Siena is more than just a horse race in a city center.  It is an event steeped in the historical and secular traditions of an ancient culture.  The city of Siena currently has 17 districts, each with its own emblem, colors, governing bodies, festivities and patron saints.  This number is greatly reduced… Continue reading Palio of Siena July 2nd and August 16