The Delicious Italian Wine

We all know there are wine countries all over the world but in this post, of course, we are only gonna focus on Italian wine, and why it is so particularly delicious.

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So before jumping to “why Italian wine is so good?”, we need to understand some history by going back to the 500 B.C. since, by that time,  there were numerous Greek outposts in the south. Rome was still a small city, fighting against other neighboring tribes. The Greeks introduced several grape varieties that were the ancestors of many southern Italian varieties grown today.

As you may know, Romans are known for their huge conquers, and they needed to take advantage of it not only by getting new properties but also by absorbing all the other cultures on the peninsula including the Greek colonies. Romans learned from their former enemies and absorbed their best technologies and ideas, including winemaking.

For the next four centuries, the Roman Empire continued to expand, eventually controlling all of southern and western Europe, North Africa, and the Near East. Everywhere they went, the Romans planted grapevines, thereby establishing the basis for today’s wine industry.

Eventually Romans latter were obsessed with the wine process, they improved it and discovered that depending on the climate, the grapes adapt and a better harvest is obtained. In addition, the Romans realized that aged wine tasted better.


Italy has more than 300 different grape varieties. Even the wines known as Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano may seem disconcerting: the name of Montepulciano is the grape, the other after Montepulciano village.
Chianti Classico, Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino and Barbaresco are some of the best Italian wines and are part of the history of wine in Italy.

The most famous and best-known area worldwide may be Chianti, which is the area of vineyards that lies between Florence and Siena. Chianti tends to be excellent wines although you have to pay attention at the time of purchase as the Chianti region also has many producers who buy grapes in other places and produce cheap and low-quality wines which also call Chianti, for this reason, there is always buy the “Chianti Classic”.

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