Meet our staff

We are a group of crazy people who’s fully passionate about this country and about this job.
Italy is our home and we feel proud of it, that’s why we love sharing our thoughts, experiences, knowledges etc. to the people that decides to come to visit this incredible country.

The staff is in constant change and constant growth. So it’s always enjoyable to have new people with us. That makes us a bigger family with many stories to share.

The fact that our family gets to meet new people on every tour, makes an every day journey of our job. Cause at the end of the day we always have something incredible to talk about.

Ire 2 copyIrene
Founder and owner of this incredible company.
Hard worker on every aspect; She started this in 2007, and since then she’s been capable to get this company bigger with the time!
“I love what I do and what the whole crew creates with their different personalities. I am proud of what Italy on a Budget Tours has become, and I trust this project since Italy has a lot to give to our hosts”.



Sasà (Alessandro)
Crazy, fun, passionate person; If you make a tour with him, it would be impossible not to laugh.
Sasà is a proud Neapolitan guy that creates such a friendly atmosphere with the group. You can tell how much he enjoy’s his job by just looking at his passion and effort on making everyone feel comfortable and happy during the day with his amazing personality.
“Best jobs are the ones you make for love. I have a passion for mine. Spending time with people, knowing about their cultures, their ideals etc. is fascinating”.



Our curly girl. Vero likes to smile, likes to listen, likes to laugh, loves food but most important she likes to share her kindness with everybody. She’s the most comprehensive person in the family so when we have a problem she’s always there to get our life together.
“I think life is too short to spend it just in one place. So if you have any possibility to travel in this beautiful country, TAKE IT!! Italy has given me so much and I’m sure it can give everybody much more”.



Michelangelo (Micky)
So Italian and so Florentine. Our dear Mickey is the type of enthusiastic person that shares his energy with everybody no matter how good or bad his day was. Hard worker who also knows how to really have fun and enjoy life the fullest. What better combo than that?
“Laugh is the real thing and then it comes wine. Both together make the perfect mix to live the Italian life style as a complete local”.


Alex oliva

The encyclopedia one. First of all, this guy speaks a bunch of languages! So he not only has a perfect communication with all of our hosts, but as we mentioned before, he’s seriously an encyclopedia. He is crazy about history and a great story teller, so being with him is such an amazing experience.
“Story moves us. It is what we where and it brings us to what we are now; that’s why I love what I do and I love to share this passion to rest of the people”

GabriellaGabri .png
Literally, Gabri is like a hyperactive minion.
At the beginning she can be pretty quiet , but when you meet her there’s no way to stop her mouth! Which is amazing cause as much as she talks she listens so you can have any conversation with her.
“I love traveling, having a good conversation and my country; so this is the perfect job for me. I do my passion of traveling while I talk about the beauty of my country. I am so proud of what Italy has for me and for the amazing hosts we get to meet everyday”.

So as you can see even if we are really different, we all create such a fun group that has so much passion for our country.
Italy is our home and we feel so proud of it! The beauty it has not only on it’s history but also on it’s habitants makes us want to show people from all over the world what this country means to us.
Some days could be harder than others but at the end our main goal is to make everyone have a real Italian holiday where you get to enjoy Italy at it’s best!
And every day means an experience for us too cause not everybody get’s the opportunity to have a job where your clients become your hosts; hosts become our friends and they make us the family we are today.
Where we feel incredibly thankful for where we are now.

Italy on a Budget Crew. 


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